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We Xiangya Pin are started since year 2008. And have full manufacturing facility in house which makes us controll quality and procution time easily. Also make us competitive in price.After years develop, we are now becoming one of the leading manufacture in China. We can customized all the metal crafts no matter is stamping or die casting. Thus our main products extended from lapel pin to medals. Always, lapel pin are stamping and classified to die struck pin, soft enamel pin,cloisonne pin, photo-ethched pin, print pin. And while talk about challenge coin and medals, most of them are die-casting products.

What you do for ordering? Only Three Step: Request-Confirm-Ordering!
At Xiangya Pins we make it easy to create, order, and have your pins on time. Simply request your free quote  and we will offer you a digital proof,pricing,answers to all of your questions. Even if you have never ordered pins before, we’ll walk you through the simple process from designing to ordering.